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SAGE Knowledge: SAGE Navigator

The premier social science eBook platform, where you will find an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content.

About SAGE Navigator

In a world where Google churns out 20 million results per query, SAGE Navigator provides a place for users to locate only the best of the scholarship in the field or topic and includes literature from over 1,000 publishers.

Key Elements

These are more than ‘guides’ based on the Major Works with 50-150 recommended pieces of literature, totaling over 21,000 key readings. Links to the full text of non-SAGE content are provided where available, which should be accessible to users who have already authenticated through the library interface.

SAGE Navigator landing page


  • Each title includes an overview of the discipline, where the editor explains how he or she selected the readings

Key Readings

  • A chronology gives the user the opportunity to visualise development of research. It shows the categories that the editor defined as most important, plotted on a timeline. The key section and coloured dots, each of which represents a key reading, are designed to help researchers recognize patterns within the topic

  • Users can then select the readings listed to review an abstract of the journal article; and click on “Full text” and get taken to the full article on the publisher’s site. They will be able to read the full article If their institution has a subscription.

Subject Guide