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SAGE Video: Business & Management

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Freeformers Employees at the digital tech company Freeformers explain how corporate social responsibility can be successfully built into the overall business plan of a corporation. They also discuss their 'one for one' program through which one needy person is trained in technology skills for every employee trained in those same skills. In Practice
Engineering Serendipity: The Future of Individualized Loyalty and Engagement Jenne Barbour discusses engineering serendipity and how the world of loyalty is changing. Loyalty has gone from the simple loyalty card and point system to a more complicated system of engagement. Barbour discusses new types of loyalty, challenges that face marketers, and offers examples of companies that are dealing with loyalty challenges. Forum
Grant Writing Basics: How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal to a Private Foundation Grantwriter Noah Temaner Jenkins presents an overview of the grant writing process. She explains the importance of understanding the funding context and foundation mission, then walks viewers through the different sections of a grant proposal. Tutorial