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Welcome to the LibGuide for SAGE Video!

What makes SAGE Video different than other video providers?

SAGE Video has moved beyond the traditional model of aggregating video content. At SAGE, we have worked in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of SAGE’s own authors and academic partners, to create our own video material. SAGE Video spans 11 different content types to match a multitude of video use cases. We carefully review course curricula and subject research trends to identify the most important subject areas within each discipline. We have also partnered with award-winning production companies (used by the BBC, amongst others) to ensure our collections are complete. Through our rigorous production process, we have ensured that SAGE Video meets the breadth and diversity needs of institutions globally.

I've noticed that the collections feature a number of videos with experts speaking directly to the camera. What is behind this content approach?

Academics and practitioners talking naturally, charismatically, and in an easy-to-understand dialect about their subject expertise are an essential learning tool. This means you do not have to sit through a 40-minute video of an expert talking about their field! Instead, you have access to short clips from speakers to reinforce concepts and give you vetted references for papers. Understandable dialogue will not only help you understand the meaning behind the concept or topic being discussed, but it will also help you grasp motivations and concerns from leaders in their field.


Furthermore, these individuals are carefully selected, real people. Rather than being just anyone these are award-winning teachers, world-renowned researchers, leaders in business,UN leaders, human rights activists, campaign managers. 

My instructor wants me to include citations to resources that are both reliable and current. Is SAGE safeguarding against content dating?

At SAGE, we appreciate that the currency of content is important and, for this reason, 50% of every collection has a copyright date of 2015 or more recent. We are committed to keeping the content in our collections up-to-date, and will be frequently reviewing data to determine where our content needs to be updated in the future.

Also, as more than 65% of the content is exclusive to SAGE, we can be confident that our collections are stable and there are no ‘surprise disappearances’ of content. 

Some of the videos in the SAGE Video collections are created by academics themselves. What is the value behind them?

A small portion of our collections is what we call author-generated content, ‘AGC’. These videos have been created by our high-profile journal and encyclopedia authors, who unpack their research in a video to make it more accessible for others and to comment on future directions in their field. The journals chosen to create these videos are those with significant impact factors and a content mission that fits with the content mission of our video collections. This technique allows us to collect the voices and perspectives of a very diverse range of academics from many different parts of the world.

All of this content is vetted by both the Video Editorial and Digital Media teams at SAGE and does not pass for publication unless we feel confident that it meets the technical support needs of the video platform and the content map of each collection.

Where available, we provide information in relation to the original publication--journal or reference--these videos stem from, with a unique link to the original journal or encyclopedia article online. 

Do you plan to update your collections at some stage?

Initially, SAGE will launch foundational subject collections of between 120-150 hours at launch with a high degree of completeness as regards to the known topics within each discipline. Based on feedback and suggestions from users, SAGE will then be in a position to make some decisions as to our video content development in both existing and new disciplines.