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SAGE Video: Who Should Use SAGE Video

Welcome to the LibGuide for SAGE Video!

Diverse Video Types for Research and Learning

Students: Use SAGE Video for research
Instructors: use SAGE Video for teaching

Each collection contains a multitude of different content types designed to meet the needs of different end users, such as the undergraduate student, the graduate student, faculty needing video support in their teaching, or researchers looking for content to aid their academic work. Explore the video types by clicking the icons below:

Students: Use SAGE Video for research

Need to cite scholarly sources in your paper but having difficulty understanding journal articles? 

Preparing a group presentation but having trouble understanding an academic concept?

When you start your research by watching a video, you are not alone. 79% of students voluntarily watch videos in order to:

  • enhance their understanding of a topic,
  • learn the steps necessary to do something successfully,
  • understand the practical application of a theoretical concept, 
  • or find a video that they can use during their own presentations 

Source: Leonard, 2015

 Find SAGE Videos directly in the results of your library searches, like in this example below:

Instructors: Use SAGE Video for teaching

Want to spark discussion in class with a short, impactful clip?

Teaching an online course and want to include videos in your learning modules that will not disappear on you? 

92% of faculty use video in class, according to a number of global surveys of faculty across disciplines. With SAGE Video you can:

  • stream new educational videos for your class tied to the curriculum,
  • create clips of longer videos and save them for your class,
  • build playlists of recommended videos for courses
  • or embed videos in your BlackBoard or LMS course page.

Source: SAGE Global Surveys, 2014

‚ÄčAll content in SAGE Video can be filtered by subjects within standard course curricula by visiting the discipline-specific pages and using the Subject Browse:

Click the images below to access external guides that explain how to embed videos directly into these Learning Management Systems: