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SAGE Business and Management

The global and local business world is moving at a rapid pace, and schools are being tasked with keeping up. Producing agile, self-starting, and innovative graduates is necessary for future success. SAGE Business & Management, building on its strong foundation of top-rated journals and books, brings that editorial expertise to our authoritative library resources—data, cases, video, and more. The SAGE collection of library resources has been created to foster the needed skills and strategy for transformative business research. 

With over 2 million undergraduate business students worldwide, the need is growing exponentially for resources that foster the development of a new set of skills that include

  • Successful application of functional area concepts and theories

  • Analytical techniques

  • Critical thinking and decision making

  • Effective communication

We took this knowledge and went to the global library community to ask them what resources they need to support their institutions' business and management programs. From an overwhelming response to our market survey, SAGE Business & Management was formed to offer four comprehensive library resources for every stage of business and management study designed to address the specific business research needs of students, faculty and entrepreneurs: