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SAGE Knowledge: Home

The premier social science eBook platform, where you will find an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content.


With nearly 5,000 titles, SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences online library for students and researchers at all levels – undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers, and professors.

  • One easy-to-use, clean, and inviting social science platform
  • Allows for cross-searching between other SAGE products to complement the research and provide the complete picture
  • Simplicity for researchers on the go – download chapters, save to desktop, mobile integration

At a glance, you can use...


SAGE Reference provides students with the perfect place to begin their research. Students can rely on the authoritative signed entries and cite them in their research.

CQ Press provides award-winning reference for students and faculty on politics, policy, and global issues.

SAGE Navigator is the place to turn when you are searching for the key readings in a subject area. It is a social sciences literature review tool that guides users through the seminal literature from multiple publishers as selected by prominent academics.

SAGE, CQ Press and Corwin books include scholarly monographs, supplemental texts, series, professional development titles, and more. This social sciences library provides students, faculty and researchers the perfect place to delve into the social sciences.


As well as award-winning reference content, the platform includes academic books in core areas of research and debate, texts on cutting-edge topics by world class authors, and accessible student reference titles.

With its user-friendly interface, the platform provides advanced search and discovery tools and extensive functionality. 

Clear navigation options:

  • Most people will simply type in their query into the search bar, but SAGE Knowledge also has clear browse options. These also signal to the user what kind of site it is and what content is included
  • These basic navigation options are echoed throughout the site in the top rail



  • Search results include books, dictionary entries, chapters, encyclopedia entries, major works and handbooks. Each search result shows a snippet of the full text and search terms are highlighted in this text
  • Searches can be saved by clicking on the floppy disk icon. The saved search remembers the search parameters users can execute again in the future from the "My Knowledge" area
  • Citations can be exported for every result in a search by clicking on the purple "Cite all" button above the list of results 
  • Options to further refine the results are on the right rail, by type of content, subject area, publication date or keyword
  • The number in brackets next to each “refine” option represents the number of titles/chapters/entries within it
  • The default setting shows all results whether the user can access the full text or not.  There is a lock icon to indicate they don’t have full access and an option for the user to filter to only things they can access.  There is an option for the library administrator to turn off access to titles that aren’t full text

Within the Book/Encyclopedia

  • Most users come in at the title page – from MARC records via library catalogs, discovery services and Google
  • We have DOIs registered for all books and chapters on SAGE Knowledge
  • If the library doesn’t have access users will see a short abstract (find in print)
  • There is an option for "Find In Print" – which can refer a user to the library catalog if set up by the librarian
  • On the right rail – related keywords are suggested, and further down this rail there is a link to other books by author
  • There is an option to search inside the title

Within a Chapter

  • Clicking through to the chapter goes straight to the first occurrence of the search terms, which are highlighted throughout the text
  • Full-text HTML with nice on-screen presentation, easy to scan to
  • In the upper right corner, there are options to print, email and share
  • This page still has the book metadata at the top, but also some additional options including PDF download and print
  • There is an option for a larger text size
  • There is also an option for seeing the print page numbers
  • On the right rail – this is where the related content menus will appear soon.  Using semantic analysis of the full text the product will suggest content related to this chapter within the SK product as well as other SAGE electronic products – including SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Journals. This is an optional feature for libraries
  • We have inserted DOIs for References, where possible and included links which go through to the full text

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