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SAGE Business & Management: SAGE Business Researcher

Learn about SAGE Business Researcher, Business Stats, and Business Cases

Tutorial Video

Watch the tutorial video here:

About SAGE Business Researcher

SAGE Business Researcher is aimed at undergrads in business and other disciplines. The content -- all original to this product -- gives a thorough, unbiased overview of topics in the business & management curriculum. Instead of diving straight into a detailed journal article about a particular aspect of the topic, the content in Business Researcher give the student the broader context and points them to scholarly sources for further research.

Getting Started

On the home page you see the most recent issue.  You can use the numbers above the image to scroll through the 3 most recent issues.

  • New issues are published every 2 weeks for a total of 24 per year.
  •  This schedule allows for the latest news to be included in new issues. 


Click on the issue title to access the full issue. 

Once you click into an issue, you see the main report first.  Each report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview
  • Background (past)
  • Current Situation (present) 
  • Looking ahead (future)
  • A detailed chronology of important events related to the topic
  • Resources for further research

Exploring Data

Each report is accompanied by supporting materials, including

  • Short topical articles on related subjects
  • Charts with downloadable datasets
  • Expert views, often in the form of pro/con arguments

Click on the last Data entry in the list “Bike-Sharing on a Roll”

Here you see a visual representation of the data, but simply click on Download Excel, and you can get a spreadsheet to further manipulate and analyze the data.

The toolbar, available on every page, offers a (1) citation export function, (2) social media sharing, (3) print, and (4) download to pdf.

Finding Content

There are two ways to find content on SAGE Business Researcher: Browse and Search


From the top toolbar, select Issues, then click on All Issues in Business Researcher.  This takes you to a list of all issues published in Business Researcher. Issues fall under broader topics like

  • management
  • marketing
  • entrepreneurship
  • specific industries
  • and trends like sustainability.

Once more reports are live, a browse by topic feature will be added.


Click on the magnifying glass in the toolbar to access the search field.

Search big data and you’ll see a number of results, including a report, short articles, and datasets.

Subject Guide