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This guide provides content support for Sage Journals and publishing resources for librarians, faculty, instructors, researchers, and academic students.

Most Read Articles

Read a few of the most read articles on Sage Journals in the last year:

Most Cited Articles

Check out a few of the most cited articles on Sage Journals in the last three years: 

Research in Gender Equity & Justice

Sage has launched a free-to-read collection of research and other resources that explores themes of gender oppression and examines societal systems that stifle equality. Categories in the collection include:

  • reproductive rights
  • gender parity and labor
  • gender at its intersections
  • gender equity in policy and civic action
  • womanism
  • femininities and gender identity
  • violence against women and gender minorities
  • menstrual equity

Readers can access research on the Gender Equity and Justice microsite free for a limited time.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

As an independent company with a mission of building bridges to knowledge, Sage works to enable people from all backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from teaching and research resources that are balanced, unbiased, anti-racist, and promote a more just society. Acknowledging the prevalence of structural discrimination and bigotry and believing that diversity is the cornerstone of a vibrant culture, we will challenge unfair power structures within publishing and higher education to help create a more equitable future for all. For more information, please read our core pledges.

Resources & Guidance

Guidance for Journal Editors: Unconscious bias, language, and working with authors with disabilities 

DEI Guidelines for Corwin Authors: Considerations for Promoting Social Justice

Policies & Practices 

Policy on historical content that is potentially offensive or harmful  

Name change policy for journal article authors

Open Resources

Access these free-to-read research and resources from Sage:

image text reads legacies of colonialism   image text reads LGBTQIA+ reserach   image text reads structural racism and police violence    image text reads Gender equity and justice

Journals Spotlight

Sage Publishing and Environmental Peacebuilding Association Announce New Journal Environment and Security, the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to understanding environment, climate, security, conflict, and peace linkages. Environment and Security is an interdisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed journal. It seeks to publish innovative research on the intersections between environmental and security issues, and to inspire debates by decision makers and practitioners. The first of the quarterly publications is due to be published in the second half of 2023. Read the full press release here.

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