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CQ Press Online Resources: Voting and Elections Collection

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Popular Resources

Election Maps from 1980 to the present

Stay current with Infographics from the Rhodes Cook Letter, such as the following for Democratic Senate Seats up for 2014 election in states that carried Romney.

See the tutorial video.


Voting and Elections Collection

Use the Voting and Elections Collection to find info on:

  • The campaign and election process
  • The electorate, including some demographics, voter turnout, and voting rights
  • Roles of the Democratic, Republican, and third parties
  • Presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional elections, including people, outcomes, data, primary and general election processes

Find reference content by using the quick search box or selecting Browse Topics.

Election Results

Election Results

Find Primary and General election results for Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Congressional elections under the Election Results tab.  All data tables can be downloaded for manipulation or cited.

Compare Data

Compare Data

To explore elections data over time, select a tool below, and compare different types of data within the Voting and Elections Collection database.

For example, you can...

  • See how successful Republicans have been in your home county over time.
  • Find candidates or Congressional seats that have switched parties.
  • Learn what percentage of House incumbents have won or lost in the general election.
  • Track the Green Party's strongest candidates.



The Candidate Findewill give you the results of all elections in which a particular candidate has run.


Race Trends

Vote Counts by Party, Office, and Area will pull specific election results.  For instance, the table below shows how Honolulu County voted in Presidential elections from 1980 to 2012, showing a huge spike in Democratic votes when Hawaii native Barack Obama ran for office.

Party Dominance

House seats that changed party under Party Dominance is a great tool for tracking the shift in party dominance in the House.  Here, we see part of the list of seats that changed party in the mid-term elections following President Obama’s first election.

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