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This guide provides content support for using Sage Skills resources for librarians, faculty, instructors, researchers, and students.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sage Publishing's academic and career building resources represent the work of academic and nonacademic experts from around the world. Our editors and contributors come from multiple countries, have highly varied professional backgrounds, represent diverse academic institutions, and approach topics from a range of disciplinary perspectives. They bring years of experience working with students and preparing them for the rigors of work in higher education and beyond.

In creating these resources, it was and is important for us to recognize the highly diverse life experiences and academic backgrounds of students and ensure that our content is inclusive and accessible. We remain committed to this as we update and grow these resources. 

We recognize that the highest level of commitment to diversity in our publishing is critical, and in turn we offer the following pledges:

  • Diversity in Content: We pledge to ensure that our content reflects the wide spectrum of experiences students and researchers bring to their work.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: We pledge to ensure the highest level of accessibility possible within our products so that no learners are left behind regardless of their capability or background.
  • Diversity of Voices: We pledge to include a range of voices and perspectives within our resources that consider the diversity within gender, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and ability. We aim to work with academics and practitioners from across a diverse range of global institutions to enable meaningful exchanges of ideas, and to heighten educational and professional attainment for our readers.
  • Anti-racism and Discrimination: And finally, we aim to publish content within our products that supports anti-racist and anti-discrimination scholarship and practice.

These are aspirational goals, but ones that we are working very hard to achieve. We believe strongly that they are the duty of a responsible publishing company.

What is Sage Skills?

Sage Skills: Business

Launched in 2021, Sage Skills: Business empowers students to develop and practice real-world skills needed to successfully transition from campus to the modern workplace. This new interactive digital resource features both academic and practitioner experts in a library of flexible learning tracks across five in-demand categories. Supporting a wide range of courses, Sage Skills: Business offers students a self-guided journey to gain the career-ready skill sets essential for professional success.

Sage Skills: Student Success

Launched in 2022, Sage Skills: Student Success empowers students to develop and practice the academic and personal skills necessary to successfully transition to campus life and enable lifelong learning. With over 90 skills and more than 1,100 topics across ten comprehensive modules, this new interactive digital resource provides a flexible and engaging learning journey through self-assessments, interactive scenarios, downloadable exercises, original videos, and more.

Sage Skills: Business Modules

Watch the above video to get an overview of Sage Skills: Business, then check out the five modules included in the resource below. Each of these modules includes a variety of skills and topics, which are explored in more depth on the About page.


Data Analytics        Entrepreneurship         Leadership       


 Organizational Communication        Professionalism    

Sage Skills: Student Success Modules

Check out the ten modules in Sage Skills: Student Success.