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Facebook's New Chapter: Rebranding to Meta

Kelsey Lawrence

Intel: Reinventing a Technology Brand

Prem M. Shamdasani

Events Management and Audience Safety: What Went Wrong at Astroworld?

Kelsey Lawrence

The Postponement of Tokyo Olympics 2020: An Ethical Dilemma Concerning the Expiration of Banned Period of Doping-Banned Athletes

Analyzing Johnson & Johnson's Bankruptcy Claim: Good Strategy or Bad Ethics?

Allegra Hobbs

Business Ethics Case: Graft and Corruption in a Fortune 500 Company

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Faculty Instructor Teaching In-Person Class

Express Cases

These short, news-driven cases connect theory to current affairs in business covering on-trend topics such as the economic impact of the Coronavirus along with other trending business issues like Boeing’s regulation failures, China’s impending cryptocurrency, the hugely profitable YouTube influencer market, and more. Learn more here!

Enhanced Cases

Enhanced Cases have launched! These Sage Originals cases feature embedded video and/or embedded datasets from Sage Data. Check out some enhanced cases below!

Kodak's Faded Picture of Health: A COVID-19 Moment to Exit Photos and Enter Pharmaceuticals?

Basketball at the Most Magical Place on Earth: A Case Study of the NBA's Season Conclusion at Walt Disney World Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Editor's Choice Awards

Check out these Sage Business Cases Editorial Team's 2021 Editors’ Choice Award Winners!

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