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Sage Business Cases: For Faculty & Instructors



Teaching & Instruction Materials

Terms & Content

Supplementary Materials

Sage Business Cases come with a variety of supplementary materials to enhance teaching and instruction with cases. These include open-ended Discussion Questions, Teaching Notes, and Learning Objectives. 

Case Types

Direct Cases are developed from information provided directly from an organization, business, or individuals. 

Indirect Cases are developed from information pulled from existing published resources.

Experienced Cases are developed from general experience of an industry or organization using disguised details.

Teaching Notes

Teaching notes are available for all Sage Originals cases and a majority of cases from content partners. These notes are locked for librarian/faculty use. Features of teaching notes include:

  • Case summary
  • Teaching objectives
  • Target audience
  • Suggested teaching strategy
  • Suggested answers to discussion questions

Additional Course Materials

Visit Sage College Publishing to find additional course materials that match your teaching and instruction needs.

Using Sage Business Cases

This 3-minute video provides a brief introduction to Sage Business Cases along with a walkthrough of the platform functionality. Learn how to browse for cases, refine search results to find your ideal case, and use the case page features.

Teaching with Business Cases

This 47-minute video provides tips, tricks, and resources for faculty and instructors teaching with business cases. Learn what makes a good case as well as when, why, and how to teach with cases. 

Accessing Teaching Notes for Sage Business Cases

This 3-minute video shows you how to unlock your teaching notes access to begin using these supplementary materials in conjunction with cases for your courses.

Mapping Cases to Business & Management Topics

Submitting Business Cases for Publication

The goal of Sage Business Cases is to build a world-class case collection that is fully accessible to faculty, instructors, researchers, and students through their academic libraries. Are you new to writing cases, curious about our case authors, or interested in becoming an author? Sage offers our case authors the following benefits:

  • Discoverability of your work on our global Sage Knowledge platform
  • The opportunity to have your case peer-reviewed
  • Indexing on Google Scholar
  • A chance to help educate the next generation of students
  • Copyright in your name
  • Payment for published cases

Read more about our authors, watch a testimonial from case author Matt Cronin (A Question of Value), and submit your case for publication consideration at Sage Business Cases: Information for Authors.


Use these templates to get started writing your case for submission.

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