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Hi! Anyone doing research at a university - whether they are doing a student research project or dissertation, or planning a large scale study - needs to use the right tools to plan their study, gather their data, and make sense of their findings. These tools are the 'research methods' of the social sciences.  

I've created this research guide to help you in your exploration of research methods in the social sciences. In this guide are tips to find resources on the Sage Research Methods platform. It will also guide you in finding the best literature to enable you to choose a methodology and launch into your research project.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or want to make suggestions for additions and corrections to this guide.

Search Research Methods

Type a method such as "case study" or "focus group" into the widget below to get to books and videos on Sage Research Methods:

What are Research Methods?

Learn about Sage Research Methods: the essential tool for researchers.

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Methods Map

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