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Sage Video: Psychology


About This Collection

The Psychology collection features videos covering different content types that will help users instruct, learn, think deeply, and become even more curious. See professional psychologists in action, such as forensic psychologists working inside a prison, or clinical psychologists treating patients with a variety of mental health disorders; or venture back to the field’s beginnings via footage of John B. Watson or Muzafer Sherif’s early experiments. This collection has a great variety of content for all end users.

Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail
Scale, Clutter, and Facial Expressions: Inferences from Movies to Emotion Judgments and Back Professor James Cutting presents his research into the effect of relative image size in film making. Because close-up shots don't stay onscreen as long as medium or full-length shots, one psychologist hypothesized that audiences comprehend emotion faster in large images. Instead, Cutting found that the proportion of image clutter has more to do with comprehension. Conference
Adolescent Social Development Adolescent students discuss cliques and social circles in their schools. Students are asked to describe each separately labeled crowd they can identify and to explain how that group defines itself. In Practice

Psychology of Radicalization and Terrorism

Professor Arie Kruglanski explains the psychology of radicalization and terrorism as the intersection of ideology, socialization, and motivation. Research into terrorism expanded greatly after 9/11, but it still has challenges, including the inability to perform controlled studies and the necessity of government permission. Interview