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Sage Video: Criminology & Criminal Justice


About This Collection

The Criminology & Criminal Justice collection covers all branches of the Criminal Justice system and supports students and researchers at all levels. Tutorial videos take viewers step-by-step through the criminal investigation process, case studies show how research affects policy and practices, and films take you inside of forensics labs, correctional facilities, and court rooms.

Collection Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail
American Drug War 2 The use of marijuana,even medical marijuana, has become extremely controversial. Marijuana has many proven health benefits, but people still distrust it as a medicine. This documentary explores the experiences of children on drugs, prescription drugs vs. marijuana, and the benefits of marijuana use.   Documentary
Michelle Inderbitzin Discusses Juvenile Delinquency Dr. Michelle Inderbitzin describes her work in juvenile delinquency. She discusses delinquency research challenges in law enforcement, and programs that have failed or worked for juvenile offenders. Interview
Forensic Science: The Role of an Anatomical Pathology Technician  Carla Valentine discusses teh role and career pathway of an anatomical pathology technician. An anatomical pathology technician assists teh pathologist at autopsies by doing the dissection and evisceration, and by taking specimens. An anatomical pathology technician must have patience, upper body strength, and a strong stomach. In Practice