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Sage Video: About

Five Pillars of Sage Video


Sage Video offers a multitude of expert perspectives from academics, tutors, and practitioners, including many of our authors, editors and our partnering academic societies. A team of editorial board members have overseen collection development from the overall content strategy and developing the taxonomy, to auditing selections and recommending videos to include.

Pedagogical Focus

Each collection contains a multitude of different content types designed to meet the needs of different end users, such as the undergraduate student, the graduate student, faculty needing video support in their teaching, or researchers looking for content to aid their academic work.


More than 60% of video in each collection is exclusively provided by Sage, providing assurance that the collections will not be subject to flux and disruption. Sage's licensing approach means that any library purchasing a collection will own that content for the life of the file format provided.

Curricula & Discipline Matching

Each video is tagged against taxonomy terms for that subject collection; taxonomies are carefully created having examined the curricula and key areas of academic interest in these disciplines. As our commissioning approach is evidence-based, we are confident that the videos closely align with the curricula and disciplines for which they are intended.

Global View

Our authors, editors and other contributors are from around the world. Where we have identified regional differences in teaching and learning, different perspectives are provided in videos with different international voices. 

What is Sage Video?

Sage Video showcases leading academics and practitioners in many brand new videos, mapped carefully and thoroughly to your course curricula. The breadth of video types available support diverse research and learning needs, such as tutorials, in-practice examples, and theory definitions, all fully citable with searchable transcripts. Learn more through our brief Sage Video trailer above. 

Bringing Teaching, Learning & Research to Life

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Sage Video is a series of online collections developed in partnership with leading academics, societies, and practitioners, including many of Sage’s own authors and academic partners, to deliver cutting-edge pedagogical collections mapped to disciplinary curricular needs within the social sciences. These live-streaming video collections combine originally commissioned and produced material with licensed videos and co-productions, to provide a complete disciplinary resource for students, faculty, and researchers. Each discipline collection is now presented alongside our book and reference collections on Sage Knowledge. Sage Video supports use across higher education, from pedagogical needs for undergraduate teaching and learning, through to higher level academic research.

Benefits & Features of Sage Video Collections

  • 15 total collections Access to over a thousand hours across 4,700 videos 
  • Discipline coverage includes: Business & Management; Counseling & Psychotherapy; Criminology & Criminal Justice; Education; Leadership; Media, Communication & Cultural Studies; Nursing; Politics & International Relations; Psychology; Research Methods; Social Work; and Sociology
  • Full title level MARC Records
  • Sage Knowledge books and reference works available alongside Sage Video content
  • HTML5 Player
  • Custom video clip creation
  • Video playback speed control
  • Closed captioning
  • Video size modification
  • Auto-scroll, searchable, and downloadable transcripts
  • Keyboard shortcut keys
  • Multiple citation options
  • Video playlist creation
  • Embeddable HTML codes for web pages and Learning Management Systems
  • Abstracts for each video

Content Partners

Visit our partners page to see the complete list of our editorial board members and development partners as well as learn more about our global content partners and explore their video content directly! 

International Editorial Advisory Boards

Our international editorial advisory boards are instrumental to defining the most relevant topics, people, events, and trends happening across the disciplines covered in Sage Video. Members of the editorial boards for each collection contribute in a variety of ways that include detailing how they engage with video material, advising on the approach for each collection, providing topics for original productions, providing feedback on the organization of the collections, participating in the production of new video material, and reviewing our original production videos.

Development Partners

Our development partners serve as trusted advisors providing feedback on product development and information on how academic libraries support faculty and student use of video at their institution. Their involvement helped us shape the program to ensure it meets academic needs. Activities included participating in product testing, offering guidance on how streaming video is used by students and faculty, and providing feedback on overall product development, including business models, product design and functionality.

Global Content Partners

For the creation of our video products, Sage has leveraged the strength of outside content partners ranging from established media brands to niche educational video distributors and even contributing academics and authors. By licensing content from outside partners, we are delighted to be able to provide customers with editorially selected video from top specialists, scholars, and creators offering a wide variety of perspectives, insights, and expertise.