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Sage Video: Social Work

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About This Collection

The Social Work collection showcases the skills necessary to become a social worker; gives insights into different client groups at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels; and elevates understanding of how theory and policy relate to practice. Global content covers issues and themes that are significant to the current field of social work including homelessness, LGTBQ rights, aging populations, advocacy, social justice, suicide, PTSD & trauma, self-care, and veterans. 

Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail
An Interpretive Phenomenological Study of African American Mothers with Adolescent Daughters S. Rasheem, PhD, social science researcher, discusses her interpretive phenomenological study of African American mothers with adolescent daughters. Conference undefined
Disability & Microaggressions Barbara J. Diamond discusses implicit bias, microaggressions, disability, and creating an inclusive world. Lecture undefined

Creativity & Practice Learning

Siobhan Maclean, social worker, discusses the importance of, and how to apply, creativity and practice learning in social work. Tutorial undefined