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Sage Video: Media, Communication & Cultural Studies


About This Collection

This internationally diverse Media, Communication & Cultural Studies collection offers academic viewpoints and real-life insights into practices directly applicable to Communication and Media Studies courses. Top Hollywood producer Martin Cohen discusses film production; further contributors also include Sonia Livingstone on New Media, Joe Turow on Advertising, Barbara Zelizer on Journalism, and Stuart Hall on Representation.

Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail
White Like Me: Race, Racism & White Privilege in America Racism is a problem that has been re-occurring throughout United States history. In this documentary, viewers will learn what white privilege is, the history of racism, racism today, and reverse discrimination. Tim Wise reveals to us facts and examples of this ongoing problem. Documentary
Effects of Interactive Media on Children Kaveri Subrahmanyam describes her work researching the effects of media use and multitasking on performance. In Practice

Media, Ideology and Struggles over Hegemony

Simon Lindgren outlines the various forms and approaches of ideology and how they work into mass media communications. Tutorial