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Sage Video: For Faculty & Instructors

Teaching & Instruction Materials

Instructor Manuals

These instructor manuals are designed to aid educators using Sage Video content within their teaching practices with examples of how to teach different topics using the videos in our collections.

Video Types for Teaching & Learning

Each of the 15 subject collections contains a multitude of 14 different content types designed to meet the needs of different end users, such as undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty needing video support in their teaching, or researchers looking for content to aid their academic work. Start exploring our video types by clicking on the icons below:






Textbooks & Free Instruction Resources

Visit Sage College Publishing to find additional course materials that match your teaching and instruction needs.

Transitioning to online instruction? These free resources are here to help!

Discover Sage Video

Sage Video brings teaching, learning, and research to life whenever and wherever you and your students may be. Today’s student demands and consumes video content like never before and video-based learning has long been used as an educational tool to assist in classroom teaching. Various technological advances and current events have significantly impacted the acceleration of video use in higher education. 

Sage Video is designed with unparalleled publishing expertise, disciplinary knowledge, and exposure to leading experts in the field, making it an essential addition to a host of classroom contexts to engage students, on- or off-campus.

Using Sage Video

Embedding Video

Get a quick overview on how to access video embed codes and use those codes to embed video content in an LMS or other online space.

This 3-minute video teaches you how to create a custom video clip in Sage Video as well as how to access embed codes and share links for custom clip content for use in an LMS or other online space.


Watch this brief video from the instructor perspective on using Sage Video in the classroom.

Video & Effective Pedagogy

With an immense change in higher education, from the flipped classroom to the rise and fall of MOOCs, Sage looks to a myriad of research (along with our own), to understand this change and how multimedia, in particular video, is fitting in and driving learning outcomes for students. As a publisher of academic video, most of which is unique content to Sage, we are vested in creating content to meet the needs of all patrons in this higher education environment and want to ensure our videos will be used and ultimately drive strong learning outcomes for the end user.

Take a look at this video from our Senior Publisher of Sage Video, Michael Carmichael, on “Video and Effective Pedagogy: Learning and Application,” highlighting this research and how Sage has responded as it applies the findings in developing our own video collections to provide the highest quality educational video for faculty, students, and researchers.

Top Videos by Subject

Using Sage Video in the Classroom

Do you want to spark engaging academic discussions with your students? Are you teaching an online course and want to include videos in your learning modules that will not disappear on you? Sage Video offers the following:

  • Our editorially curated discipline collections are intended to support key course needs with videos that are mapped to curricula-specific course, programs, and degree outcomes. 
  • A multitude of experts and voices contribute to our content including academics, practitioners, and students as well a host of others from a variety of different backgrounds and contexts, including authors and editors from other SAGE resources. 
  • A broad range of video types are found within each collection, from documentaries to tutorials and video cases to in-practice footage support teaching and learning at all levels.
  • All videos are designed to be incorporated into a variety of different course environments and to be integrated into different LMS.

Did you know that 92% (SAGE Global Surveys, 2014) of faculty use video in class, according to a number of global surveys of faculty across disciplines. With Sage Video you can:

  • Stream new educational videos for your class tied to the curriculum
  • Create clips of longer videos and save them for your class
  • Build playlists of recommended videos for courses
  • Embed videos in your BlackBoard or LMS course page
  • All content in Sage Video can be filtered by subjects within standard course curricula outlined with the discipline-specific collections

Click the images below to access external guides that explain how to embed videos directly into these LMS:

Canvas  Blackboard