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New to Sage Video

2022 Sage Video Content Update

The following three collections have updated video content areas now live on the Sage Knowledge platform with a total of 42 new titles, 13 of which include Audio Description. Please contact your library sales manager for additional content update information and pricing. 

Business & Management* (~7+ hours)

  • Diversity in Business & Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Crisis Management and Managing Change
  • Economics

Counseling & Psychotherapy (~7+ hours)

  • Diversity in Counseling, including multicultural counseling and intersections of race, gender, and age with diagnoses and treatment
  • Technology in Counseling, including teletherapy/video therapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

Nursing (~7+ hours)

  • Nursing & Diversity
  • Nursing & Mental Health
  • Nursing & Leadership
  • Nursing in Times of Crisis.

New Collection-Level Assessment Tools

Assessment questions are now included with select videos within Business & Management, Counseling & Psychotherapy, and Politics and International Relations collections along with the Nursing collection. The assessment questions are:

  • Accessible only to instructors, questions specifically curated for video to help supplement content
  • Easily accessed on the corresponding video page and available for download
  • Choose any or all of the questions from an editable file to customize your needs

To access the assessment questions, request the instructor passcode from your library to unlock access under your profile.

Top Content Playlists

Check out these top-viewed videos within each Sage Video collection over a recent 90-day period. Note: Full access to video content is required to view full-length videos.

Business and Management icon of a chess knight piece   Counseling and Psychotherapy icon of speech balloons   Icon of unbalanced justice scales   

Education icon of a book and pencil   Leadership icon of climbing steps   Communications and Media icon of headphones  

Nursing icon of a medical bag   Politics icon of an Ionic column   Psychology icon of a brain   

Social Work icon of two hands holding a heart   Sociology icon of a circle with smaller connected circles 

B&M | Counseling & Psychotherapy | Criminology & Criminal Justice | Education |  Leadership |Media & Comm | Nursing | Political Science | Psychology | Social Work | Sociology

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sage Video streaming collections are curated to provide a comprehensive teaching, learning, and research resource in each collection discipline. As a product team, we are committed to publishing a diverse range of content, ideas, and perspectives as well as representations of people and populations throughout these collections, and we also have commitments regarding platform inclusivity and accessibility too. 

Sage Video is committed to providing diversity, equity, and inclusion within its collections as outlined in our core pledges. We will be open, honest, and transparent about any areas in which we fall short and invite feedback from our customers and partners about this at any time. We welcome any comments or feedback. Please send directly to Michael Carmichael, Head of Visual Media, at

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