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Sage Video: Subjects in Sage Video

Subjects in Sage Video

Sage Video showcases highly relevant educational video across key social, behavioral, and health science disciplines. Each collection includes a breadth of video types to support diverse learning and research needs. All videos are fully citable with searchable transcripts, custom clip creation, embedding, and include other video player features that make implementing video into the classroom and for independent use, user-friendly and easily accessible.

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What makes Sage Video different than other video providers?

Sage Video has moved beyond the traditional model of aggregating video content. At Sage, we have worked in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of Sage’s own authors and academic partners, to create a lot of own video material. Sage Video spans a wide range of different content types to match a multitude of pedagogical use cases. We carefully review course curricula and subject research trends to identify the most important subject areas within each discipline. We have also partnered with many leading content providers of documentary and other film content to ensure our collections are complete. Through our rigorous production process, we have ensured that Sage Video meets the breadth and diversity needs of institutions globally.

I've noticed that the collections feature a number of videos with experts speaking directly to the camera. What is behind this approach?

Academics and practitioners talking naturally, charismatically, and in an easy-to-understand dmanner about their subject expertise are an essential learning tool. This means you do not have to sit through a 40-minute video of an expert talking about their field! Instead, you have access to short clips from speakers to reinforce concepts and give you vetted references for papers. Understandable dialogue will not only help you understand the meaning behind the concept or topic being discussed, but it will also help you grasp motivations and concerns from leaders in their field.

    Screenshot of a featured speaker in SAGE Video    Screenshot of a featured speaker in SAGE Video    

Furthermore, these individuals are carefully selected, real people. Rather than being just anyone these are award-winning teachers, world-renowned researchers, leaders in business,UN leaders, human rights activists, campaign managers. 

My instructor wants me to include citations to resources that are both reliable and current. Is Sage safeguarding against content dating?

At Sage we appreciate that the currency of content is important. For this reason at least 50% of every collection has a copyright date of 2015 or more recent. We are committed to keeping the content in our collections up-to-date and will be frequently reviewing data and our content to determine when and where our content needs to be updated. Also more than 65% of the content being exclusive to Sage, we can be confident that our collections are stable. In the rare event that we do lose licensed content, we will ensure that there are no "surprise disappearances" of content for your institution. In these events we will provide upfront communication of this lost content and our update plans to you.

Do you have a content update for your collections?

Yes, we update our video collections periodically to ensure that they’re in line with curriculum changes, accreditation needs, and strengthened in all manner of ways. The decision-making for which collections are updated and when will be made a good time in advance of implementation and based on a variety of factors including usage data, customer needs, current events, policy changes, and faculty input. Sage views it as a duty of a responsible video publisher to be flexible to the needs and voices of our customers while being committed to offering regular and thorough updates to its collections. In turn, some collections may see more frequent updates over others.

Five Pillars of Sage Video


Sage Video offers a multitude of expert perspectives from academics, tutors, and practitioners, including many of our authors, editors and our partnering academic societies. A team of editorial board members have overseen collection development from the overall content strategy and developing the taxonomy, to auditing selections and recommending videos to include.

Pedagogical Focus

Each collection contains a multitude of different content types designed to meet the needs of different end users, such as the undergraduate student, the graduate student, faculty needing video support in their teaching, or researchers looking for content to aid their academic work.


More than 60% of video in each collection is exclusively provided by Sage, providing assurance that the collections will not be subject to flux and disruption. Sage's licensing approach means that any library purchasing a collection will own that content for the life of the file format provided.

Curricula & Discipline Matching

Each video is tagged against taxonomy terms for that subject collection; taxonomies are carefully created having examined the curricula and key areas of academic interest in these disciplines. As our commissioning approach is evidence-based, we are confident that the videos closely align with the curricula and disciplines for which they are intended.

Global View

Our authors, editors and other contributors are from around the world. Where we have identified regional differences in teaching and learning, different perspectives are provided in videos with different international voices.