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Sage Video: For Librarians

Materials for Promoting SAGE Video

Using Sage Video

Get a quick overview on how to access video embed codes and use those codes to embed video content in an LMS or other online space.

This 3-minute video teaches you how to create a custom video clip in Sage Video as well as how to access embed codes and share links for custom clip content for use in an LMS or other online space.

Teaching Others How to Use Sage Video

Logo, Banner Ads & Widget

Sage Video Logo

Download the Sage Video logo for your library's website so that users know they have access to Sage content.

Choose Your Sage Video Banner Ad Size

Screenshot of the SAGE Video banner ad

199x65 rectangle | 250x110 rectangle

SAGE Video Binge Watching 300x250 banner ad

160x140 landscape | 300x250 landscape

160x160 square

162x300 portrait | 240x400 portrait

728x90 leaderboard | 600x88 footer

SAGE Video streaming cats 350x250 banner ad

199x65 landscape | 250x110 landscape

300x250 landscape

162x300 portrait | 240x400 portrait

728x90 leaderboard | 524x88 footer

Embed a Search Widget for Library Website or Subject Guides


<iframe src="
sagevideo-search.htm" style="height: