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Sage Video: Sociology


About This Collection

The Sociology Collection covers the full spectrum of the Sociology discipline and supports students and researchers at all levels. An array of different video types are available, including multiple hours of in-practice videos that highlight careers and practitioners in the real world, tutorial videos that shed light on hot topics within the field, and case study videos that explore particular research and its impact on policy.

Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail
Children of Katrina Dr. Alice Fothergill discusses her longitudinal research on the children who survived Hurricane Katrina. She found that how well children recover from the disaster can be linked to how vulnerable they were before it happened. Video Case
Cougars: New Sexual Scripts for Older Women Professor Beth Montemurro discusses "cougars" and the changing ideas about older women's sexuality. The dominant sexual script in the United States sees older women as asexual. However, acceptance of sexual behavior among this group is growing, partly linked to the alternative script of the "cougar"--an older woman pairing with a younger man. Video Case
Classical Sociological Theory, 1830 to 1930 Professor Jonathan H. Turner explains the history and development of sociology as a science. he also describes the three main conflicting stances of sociology: hard science vs. nonscience, activism vs. value neutrality, and explaining vs. agency. Tutorial