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SAGE Video : Leadership


About This Collection

This cross-disciplinary Leadership video resource represents the field of leadership as it is researched and taught in a number of key subject areas. Featuring leading SAGE authors and contributors including best-selling textbook author Peter Northouse, this curated leadership collection provides expertise on and insights into organizational contexts and real-life dimensions of leadership applicable to key course needs of leadership courses. A variety of content types including case studies, documentaries and scenario-based in practice films will help users develop and improve leadership skills and competencies; understand different leadership styles, traits, theories; and understand the challenges and application of leadership. Users will also witness role models for effective leadership in different contexts, subject areas and cultures; similarly, to understand the “dark side of leadership” and where things go wrong. 

Video Examples

Title Abstract Video Type Thumbnail

Leadership Skills: Problem Solving

Justin Giddings, founder of Kickstarter Guy, a crowdfunding company for filmmakers and artists, discusses problem-solving and leadership. In Practice undefined

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capabilities

Marcy Levy Shankman, leadership coach and strategist at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, discusses the 5 ps of leadership and 19 capacities of emotional intelligent leadership. Tutorial undefined

Small Business in Action: Leadership and Delegation

Sarah Craig, of Caffe Lena, discusses her journey to the realization that leadership involves developing a strong team. Video Case undefined