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SAGE Video: Overview

Welcome to the LibGuide for SAGE Video!

What is SAGE Video?

SAGE Video showcases leading academics and practitioners in many brand new videos, mapped carefully and thoroughly to your course curricula. The breadth of video types available support diverse research and learning needs, such as tutorials, in-practice examples, and theory definitions, all fully citable with searchable transcripts. 

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How this LibGuide is Structured

  • Who Should Use SAGE Video
    • Students: use SAGE Video for research
    • Instructors: use SAGE Video for teaching
    • Diverse video types for research and teaching
  • How to Use SAGE Video
    • Video tutorials
    • Search
    • Browse
    • Closed-captions & transcripts
    • Create clips
    • Embed videos & clips
    • Pull citations
    • Build playlists
    • Access metadata about the videos
  • Subjects in SAGE Video
    • Business & Management
    • Counseling & Psychotherapy
    • Education
    • Media, Communication, & Cultural Studies
    • Politics & International Relations
    • Psychology
    • Research Methods
  • Librarian Resources
    • MARC records
    • Discovery layer
    • Usage
    • Accessibility
    • Video permanence
    • Search widget
    • Promotional materials
  • FAQ
    • What makes SAGE Video different than other video providers?
    • My faculty and students demand currency and stability.  How is SAGE safeguarding against content dating and content loss?
    • I've noticed that the collections feature a number of videos with  experts speaking directly to the camera.  What is behind this content approach?
    • Some of the videos in the SAGE Video collections are created by academics themselves. What is the value behind them?
    • Do you plan to update your collections at some stage?